Au Pair Italy is an agency based in the North of Italy which has successfully been placing foreign Au-Pairs within Italian families either in the summer or long-term. 

Due to a large demand, we have recently established a "housing guest" program, aiming to promote a cultural exchange among students and young people of different countries.  This is acieved by short-term stays abroad.

Foreign students (boys & girls)  can come and spend some time with an Italian family, receiving full board & accommodation in exchange for a few hours of English tutoring and conversation per week. 

Most families have children that are the same age as their housing guest, and welcome him/her as part of their family. The families never disapoint the housing guest's high expectations for the world famous Italian hospitality. 

All of our families are carefully screened and look forward to welcoming their housing guest. The housing guest recieves all of the warmth and affection that he/she needs in a foreign country.

We pride ourselves with being a caring agency and we always try to be as attentive as possible in helping the Au-pair or housing guest settle down with his/her new family.

A  Housing Guest is a foreign student who desires to spend some time in Italy in order to learn the Italian language and culture. He/she will be given free accommodation and  warm hospitality by an Italian family in exchange for a few hours of English tutoring and conversation per week. 

Here are the general rules for both the housing guest and the host family: 

• The foreign guest will be given full board & accommodation and will be treated as part of the family.   
• The housing guest will spend a minimum of 15 hours per week tutoring English and having English conversation with the host family, taking part in the family's life.   
• The housing guest will keep his/her own bedroom and belongings in order, he/she will do his/her own laundry, and will help at lunch/dinner time (setting the table, washing the dishes, etc.), just like a member of the family.
• The housing guest will adjust to the family rules such as smoking in the house, curfew (if any), time of meals, etc.   
• The housing guest will pay for his/her own personal expenses (phone calls, meals at a restaurant, entertainment, etc.).  
• The housing guest will pay for his/her own travelling expenses to and from Italy and for all of his/her own travelling expenses while in Italy.   
• All housing guests coming from countries other than members of the E. E. C. need to issue a medical insurance which will covers all of their medical expenses while in Italy. 

The service is free of charge for foreign students, while host families will be required  to pay  an agency fee of 50 euros (membership fee which is non-refundable).

If you are interested in our program, please contact us. It is a great opportunity for students to travel and visit our beautiful Country!

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