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What is an Au Pair?


The title comes from the French term au pair, meaning "on a par" or "equal to", indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals. Thousands of young people around the world stay in another country with this system because it is certainly the most effective, economical and safe way to live in a foreign country. In exchange for free board, lodging in a private room, and pocket money , the au pair will take care of your children and help with light housework for about 30 hours per week. This experience could certainly be positive and constructive for your family, educating your children, and teaching them the values of friendship and respect for other cultures. Take a look at the family page where you can find the necessary information, including  the downloadable registration form to make your request and the terms and conditions for registration.



An agreement was reached by the European Council in Strasburg in 1969, and was ratified in Italy in 1973, sanctioning the rules to be observed on au pair placements in Europe. This arrangement is a chance offered to young people aged 18 to 30 to stay abroad in order to learn the language, culture and life style of the country that has been chosen, without spending any money at all. The terms of the agreement foresee that the au pair is lodged and becomes part of the host family. For food, accommodation, and pocket money, the au pair will dedicate part of her time to children care, looking after them in their everyday needs. Like every other member of the family, she will share everyday activities. Au pair placement means that the family is hospitable and welcoming in all aspects of their daily lives. We would like to underline that an au pair is not a housekeeper or person in any subordinate position.


1 - Register as a family

You must register to our site if you want to find an Au Pair. The inscription is non-refundable and is valid for one year . You have to pay € 50 for registering to the Agency immediately. This amount includes costs of registration, the processing of the application at our office, and the costs for searching for an Au Pair.

Once we find you the right Au Pair, you will have to pay the amount of €150. We will give you all the details for the payment.

2 - We look for the right solution for your family

To be able to start the search of your Au Pair, you must fill a questionnaire and send us the documents at least 6 weeks before the departure. We would not be able to give you the name and information of the Au Pair until we receive all the documents and the payment of registration.


3 - We will send you an email with a few selected contacts

We will review your request and send you various Au Pairs' proposals that correspond to your needs. You will be able to choose the most suitable one.


4 - You will need to tell us your choice

You will tell us which Au Pair you have selected, and we will send her/him your request, ensuring that you are both happy about the match.


5 - We'll get you in touch with the chosen Au Pair

Once you have the right Au Pair-combination, you will pay € 150. We will introduce the Au Pair, giving you the dates and information you need.


6 - Enjoy your experience with the Au Pair you will host

Now the adventure can begin! This experience will certainly be a great opportunity for your family, teaching them the values of friendship and respect for other cultures.  It will also expose them to a new language!


7 - Leave us your comments of the au-pair experience

Share your experience with other families that are interested in the Au Pair program. It only takes 5 minutes of your time to post your comments on the site.
  • Hosting a young au pair in your house will certainly be a positive and constructive experience for your family. The Au Pair will help in the management and education of children by communicating with them the values of friendship and respect towards other cultures.
           It is very important, however, to understand that the Au Pair will be in a very different setting from the  one she/he currently lives in. Lifestyle and culture will be different, and at the beginning, might not correspond to her/his expectations. You will have to be flexible in allowing the au pair to adjust to her/his new lifestyle in order to  ensure a constructive and peaceful stay.

  • The Au Pair will be part of your family.  You will involve her/him in all the activities you normally do. It 's important to be flexible while living together and to establish a dialogue from the beginning. Because different cultures have different habits and lifestyles, you may have disagreements.  Open comminication with your au pair is necessary here, and if this does not solve the problem, then communication with the au pair agancy.

  • Explain what the rules are immediately. It is important  to respect both of your needs, and to establish the tasks and schedule of the au pair as soon as possible. You must the Au Pair  if she/he  will be allowed to bring friends home, or give them your home number.

  • Setting times are subjective, but generally 8-10 days are sufficient to achieve a good balance in cohabitation.

  • The Au Pair must have a private room that will be accessible only to her/him.  She/he will keep this space tidy, and you both must guarantee privacy.

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