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 The title comes from the French term au pair, meaning "on a par" or "equal to", indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals. Thousands of young people around the world stay in other countries with this system because it is certainly the most effective, economical, and safe way to live in a foreign country. In practice, you will live with a family and have the opportunity to study the language and culture of your chosen country. In exchange for approximately 30 hours per week of childcare and light housework, you will become a member of a family, receive food, accommodation in a private room, and weekly payment.  If you want to join the world of 'au pair', have the opportunity to study on-site language and culture, and become a member of a family who will host and support you during your stay, you have all of the information you need here. It would be useful to download all of the materials in the packet, which includes the documents and conditions you will send us.


 An agreement was reached by the European Council in Strasburg in 1969, and was ratified in Italy in 1974, sanctioning the rules to be observed on au pair placements in Europe. This arrangement is a chance offered to young people aged 18 to 30 to go abroad in order to learn the language, culture, and life-style of the chosen country, without spending money. The terms of the agreement foresee that the au pair is lodged and becomes part of the host family. In exchange for room, board, and pocket money, the au pair will dedicate part of her/his time to childcare by looking after them in their everyday needs, letting them play, taking them to school, and keeping their room, clothing, and toys in order. Like every other member of the family, she/he will participate in everyday tasks, such as filling/emptying the dish-washer or helping to clean up after meals. She/he will keep their own bedroom and bathroom (or the one shared with the family) clean. She/he will never be either mistaken for a housekeeper or forced to do heavy work.
Au pair placement means that the family is hospitable to the au pair in every aspect of their daily lives. We would like to underline that she/he is not a housekeeper and she/he is not in a subordinate position.
The stay lasts 6 to 12 months. Shorter stays (1-3 months) can be planned during the summer months.
The main task asked of the au pair is childcare.

1 - Register as an Au pair

You must register to our site if you want to find a host family. There are no fees if you are from Europe. 

Once we find you the right family, you will have to send the invitation letter signed. 

2 - We look for the right situation for you

To be able to start the search of your host family, you must fill a questionnaire and send us the documents at least 6 weeks before the departure.  We will not be able to let you know the name and information of the family until we have received all of the documents.




3 - We will send you an email with a few selected contacts

We will review your request and send you some families' proposals that correspond to your demands. You will be able to choose the most suitable family.


4 - You will need to tell us your choice

You will let us know which family you have chosen and we will send your request to them, ensuring that you are both happy about the match.


5 - We'll get you in touch with the chosen family

Once you have the right family-combination we'll introduce the family, giving you all of their information.  You will buy the plane ticket only when we have received the final agreement and the official invitation letter.  If a family changes their mind and withdraws from the contract, we will find you another family.


6 - We assist you during your trip booking

We'll give you all of the useful information you need in order to plan your trip. We guarantee the presence of the family when you arrive at the airport.


7 - Live your experience with your host family

Are you ready? Becoming an Au Pair will give you the opportunity to explore another culture, become independent, and gain experience. You will certainly improve your language skills, broadening your career opportunities. This expereince will allow you to discover new aspects of yourself and will help you prepare for your future. We will support you if you have any questions!


8 - Leave us a comment of your experience.

Share your experiences with other young people who are interested in the au pair program.  It only takes 5 minutes of your time.



  •  Living abroad will help you to improve your foreign language skills. It will be a great experience that you will never forget. It is very important, however, to consider that you are going to live in a different country with a different lifestyle to which you are not accustomed.

  • At the beginning, the different lifestyle and culture may not satisy you. Adaptability and flexibility are key in ensuring ensure you have a constructive and peaceful stay.

  • Becoming an Au Pair will give you the unique opportunity to live in another culture, become independent, and gain experience. You will not have to pay any expense for board, and you will receive weekly pocket money.
    A year abroad will certainly improve your language skills and provide you with more career opportunities. It will help you get to know yourself better and will help prepare you for the future.


  • You will be part of the family and you will participate in all of their activities. It is important to be flexible during your stay. You will find yourself in a different country, where cultural differences may initially seem like a huge obstacle. Please do not be discouraged. Instead, communicate openly with your family about problems that you might have while living together. It's important to be clear with them immediately. Please understand that it will take you generally 8-10 days to get settled in with your new family.

  • You will be given a room that will be accessible only to you. You will need to keep it clean and tidy. The family will guarantee you privacy and you must respect their spaces.

  • During the children's school holidays, your availiability will need to be more flexible and you will need to be available for the family. You must consider that there may be  no language courses available during this period.

  • Always ask at the beginning what the family rules are. You must observe the rules and needs of the family and know their expectations of you. You must ask the family if you will be allowed to bring friends to their home or give out their home telephone number.

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